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How to Avoid Nightshades in Your Diet

How to Avoid Nightshades in Your Diet

A person may want to avoid nightshades in his diet for many reasons. A nightshade is a type of vegetable high in compounds known as alkaloids, thought to affect digestion, joint function and nerves. The Solanaceae family of plants such as potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, root vegetables and eggplant are all considered nightshade vegetables. Avoiding these nightshades requires self discipline and an education on what to look for in everyday food. Add this to my Recipe Box.



    Contact your doctor and speak to him about the idea of avoiding nightshades for your specific medical condition. He may also offer helpful advice if he is in favor of the idea. Note the information he gives you.


    Determine if the foods you eat are in the nightshade family by researching nightshade vegetables on the Internet. Your search may provide information that you did not previously know.


    Make a list of vegetables that you should avoid. Include potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, root vegetables and eggplant in your list of nightshade vegetables. Refer to this list as you prepare meals.


    Ask you waiter or waitress if any of these foods will be in the item you are ordering. Many places require by law that they have a list of ingredients available. If they do not know, request that your waiter asks the chef.


    Look at the ingredients list of any food you are going to eat. If you see potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, or root vegetables such as carrots, turnips or parsnips then do not eat this food.

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